Vygon Leaderflex: Lowering Costs, Improving Quality, Increasing Patient Satisfaction

AccessRN has begun utilizing one of the newest breakthroughs in vascular access technology, the Vygon Leaderflex Extended Dwell Catheter. The Leaderflex is a novel product that allows for extended dwell time for a peripheral IV. The recommended dwell time is up to 29 days. The Leaderflex is the lowest cost alternative for many IV therapies ordered from 3 to 29 days. This makes it a perfect solution for patients who need several weeks of IV therapy, while eliminating the need for multiple IV starts or more invasive vascular access tools, such as a Midline or PICC line. The ability to reduce needle sticks and risk of infection, while increasing patient comfort, improving clinical outcomes and reducing cost, make this an essential tool for managing IV therapy.

Use of an Extended Dwell Peripheral IV like the Leaderflex has been proven to significantly decrease complications when compared with standard peripheral IV catheters. Risk of infiltration, leaking, and occlusion are significantly reduced, as well as providing a noticeable reduction in the chances of infection. In addition, utilizing the Leaderflex Extended Dwell Catheter reduces the number of IV sticks and start up time, resulting in higher patient convenience and satisfaction. For patients requiring more than a week of treatment, or who had difficult to start IVs, the Leaderflex Extended Dwell Catheter is a noticeable improvement over traditional Peripheral IV lines.

The Leaderflex is also effective at reducing irritation and infiltration at the site, resulting in less pain and discomfort for the patient. Vein preservation is a critical issue when addressing patients who are receiving repeated IV treatments, and the Leaderflex Extended Dwell Catheter has been proven to reduce vein degradation and improve the usefulness of veins compared to traditional IVs. This product from Vygon USA is the only one on the market using a new thermodynamic polyurethane material that actually softens after installation, allowing it to “float” in the vein, and dramatically reducing irritation to the vein. This makes it an ideal tool for use in geriatric candidates, helping to improve outcomes and better preserve veins in the process.

The Vygon Leaderflex Extended Dwell Catheter represents a new tool in providing safer, more comfortable and more effective vascular access for patients needing treatment over extended periods. Balancing the stability and effectiveness of a central line, with the minimal invasiveness of a traditional IV, the Leaderflex is an essential part of the vascular access continuum and can provide better and safer results for patients. AccessRN strongly recommends the Leaderflex Extended Dwell Catheter as a critical component of any vascular access plan across the continuum of care.