Dynamic Access

Dynamic Access developed from joining two of the largest and oldest vascular access organizations in the nation: Dynamic Infusion Therapy and AccessRN. The joining of these two organizations in 2022 established the foundation of Dynamic Access. Both organizations had the same overall goal – to improve patient outcomes by delivering high quality vascular access services. Together we are the largest on-demand provider of vascular access services in the nation. We perform more than 150,000 procedures annually, servicing more than 2,500 healthcare facilities.

Our Vascular Access Specialists

We pride ourselves on client and patient satisfaction. Dynamic Access provides the industry’s leading team of vascular access specialists. Each of our clinicians goes through an extensive training and screening process so we can ensure a high level of success. Our team of vascular specialists never stops learning and improving their practice. All clinicians must complete yearly competency reviews and continuing education and, within two years of joining Dynamic Access, must become board certified in vascular access (VA-BC).