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Dynamic Access is always on the lookout for passionate, talented, and certified vascular access nurses. Our goal is to partner with the best trained, most reliable and most compassionate caregivers in the industry.

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Benefits of a Job With Dynamic Access Include:

  • Competitive salary
  • Flexible schedule
  • Full benefits package
  • Training and CEU programs
  • Opportunities for mobility and travel
  • Professional development and advancement

Dynamic Access has full time, part time and per diem opportunities available. We do not work with independent contractors to provide our services. All of our staff go through our rigorous vetting and training process before being sent on assignment, and each team member is responsible for regular quality reviews and continuing education, which we provide.

We hire employees, not independent contractors.

Some of the many reasons include:


  • Receive employer provided benefits (retirement, healthcare,
    paid time off, etc.)
  • Receive unemployment insurance benefits
  • Receive worker’s compensation
  • Have significant labor law protections
  • Have additional liability insurance through the employer

Independent Contractors

  • Receive NO employer provided benefits (retirement, healthcare,
    paid time off, etc.)
  • Receive NO unemployment insurance benefits
  • Receive NO worker’s compensation
  • Have NO labor law protections
  • Have NO additional insurance through the employer

Protect yourself and know your rights by being an employee instead of a contractor.

By hiring employees and not Independent Contractors, we sometimes come across potential employees that have asked why Dynamic Access sometimes pays less than other companies for procedures. The answer is easy, but the explanation is what you really need to understand. Employers pay for taxes and insurances that an Independent Contractor would be required to pay. In the end, being an employee is a lot less hassle, with a lot less liability and risk, and provides more security and job stability. When you look at the whole picture, the total Compensation package is much more attractive.