Technology such as 3CG tip confirmation makes care faster and safer.

Advances in PICC line insertion have made it faster, easier and safer for patients across the board. 3CG tip confirmation allows medical professionals to insert PICC lines more accurately and with less downtime than before, while also removing the need for a chest X-Ray for placement confirmation.

3CG technology uses a sensor to track the tip of the PICC catheter and the patient’s ECG measurements to confirm the position of the catheter tip in real time for patients with a distinct p-wave. By utilizing magnetic guidance during the insertion, and ECG at the confirmation point, AccessRN’s vascular access specialists install lines faster and more accurately than ever before. Previously, PICC lines were inserted using a ‘blind’ approach method that relied on external measurements to direct insertion length. 3CG PICC confirmation circumvents the problems of traditional insertion by providing accurate, real-time feedback resulting in correct placement and successful insertion.

Studies across the board have suggested that 3CG technology is not only faster, but also significantly more successful than traditional PICC line approaches. A study from 2018 suggested a 97% insertion success rate, and cited “a high technical success rate and low catheter malposition rate regardless of clinician’s level of experience.” These advances show how important it is to adapt to new technology in the vascular access field in order to maintain the highest level of clinical care.

In addition to insertion accuracy benefits, 3CG technology also offers immediate confirmation of PICC line placement, meaning that turn-around time is faster, and patients can begin receiving treatment almost immediately. No more confirmation X-rays also means a reduction of radiation exposure to the patient, a valuable choice for chronically ill patients who are receiving imaging frequently. We can make the process safer and more efficient with the use of 3CG PICC confirmation technology.

3CG technology is the next level of PICC line insertion and placement confirmation proficiency. It provides a faster, safer and more accurate insertion process, and allows for immediate treatment of patients with little down time. 3CG PICC tip confirmation has become the clinical standard for all AccessRN vascular access specialists, as a way to leverage this new technology on behalf of our clients and their patients. Find out how 3CG confirmation can help improve your patient care, while saving you time and money in the process.